20 responses to wrong #'s

I haven't tried all these but I have some friends who have and
they said it was really fun so....here are 20 things to say when
people dialed the wrong number or when annoying salespeople call.

1. Say in a very very saddened voice that the person they were
calling for just died (example: I'm so sorry Barbra died *sniff*
please call back later to know where and when the funeral is.
NOTE: this one's really funny when either they're 1 a
salesperson or 2 they argue back saying that you're lying)

2. If you have a bunch of friends over tell them to make humping
sounds and say that the person they want is "busy."

3.Start crying and say, "After all we've been through you still
can't get my name right?" than just hang up and see if they call
back (if they do try talkin in accents (example: Chinese,
indian, whatever)

4. three words: low self esteem.

5. talk in gibberish and than say "You get any of that?" than
immediatly hang up.

6. When they call say "It's about time you called, the money's
in the cookie jar which is burried by the rose." (you know what
to do, yes hang up)

7.Tell them your "secrets" whether they have the wrong number or

8. one word: gossip

9.Say cheesy pick up lines (whether it's the opposite sex or
not) example. "Hey, is that a miror in your pants? because I can
see me in them"

10. Tell them to wait. make them wait for 5 minutes while you
threaten people in the same room with your :sixth finger".

11. Tell them to call another time because your cat is looking
real sexy, and it will only be a quickie so call back soon.

12. two words: eat food.

13. Tell them that you love them even though you have a girl/boy
friend. explain in detail about your undying love for them.

14. If they have already cought their mistake of dialing the
wrong number say, "No! not this time (make it seem really
dramatic, I'm talking spanish soap opera dramatic), you can't
always run away from your problems!" go on until they hang up.

15. Ask them about their family. Ask them a whole bunch of
questions." when they're half way through their sentence
interupt by telling them that no one cares.

16. one word: why?

17. Tell them about your problems whether you have any or not.

18. Ask them if they're into dirty talk.

19. Threaten to call the police.

20. Ask them if they are into that whole dressing up as a lady
(this only works if it's a guy who got the wrong number)

he he, I didn't copy and paste any of this stuff, all this stuff
was made by me, Eleanor


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