Bitchs and Basterds

There once was a little boy. His parents always are arguing
calling each other bitchs and basterds. One day, the little boy
asks what this meens. The parents answer, "well, it means, uh,
ladies and gentlemen". So, the little boy goes upstairs and
walks in on his grandparents having sex. He hears," give me your
boobs and give me your balls", from his grandparents. He asks
them, "what does that mean?", "uh, hats and coats", they
answered. So, the little boy makes his way down the stairs and
hears his mum mutter "fuck!". He walks in to the kitchen to find
her cutting the turkey. He asks, " what does that mean?". His
mom answers,"um, well, preparing the turkey". So, he goes
upstairs and hears his dad scream shit!!. So, he asks his dad
what that means. He anwers,"well, it's shaving cream".
"DING DONG", the little boy runs downstairs to greet the
guests for thanksgiving dinner. He anwers the door," Hello
bitches and basterds, give me your boobs and balls". The guests
are very offended and ask him where his parents are. "My moms in
the kitchen fucking the turkey, and my dad is upstairs putting
shit on his face", he answers.

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