[Sub-reddit Related Discussion] Does anyone else get annoyed with the comments about jokes being offensive?

I don't know why, but this recent top post about the three wives, reading the comment section completley killed my buzz. I can't tell if people are trolling, or they're genuinely offended over some meaningless joke?

Who are these people? Are they that serious about poltical correctness that a joke is troublesome? I don't know anyone like that in real life. My cousins and friends used to make all kinds of jokes about race, sex, God, family members, anything growing up. We are so advanced with offensive material that nothing is shocking. And it's honestly great, we have the best sense of humor out of anyone I know. If telling jokes was regulated by the people who complain on this subreddit, i'd probably be in jail.

Does anyone empathize with my situation? Does anyone else reckognize telling jokes reveals nothing about your character? I definitely think it's more of an American thing. At a chemistry lab i was in a few years ago, I overheard someone make a comment and I made a joke about mexicans, and these canadian post graduates cracked up and told me they thought I was hilarious. They said it was so rare to find an American who would make an ethnic joke so candidly. And we built such a great friendship. They knew it was okay to make jokes about anything. We had lunch damn near everyday, we looked out for each other with the course material, and we ALWAYS laughed our asses off.

I just don't comprehend any other viewpoint other than this. How can you be so uptight? Even if something negative happened to you that's in the joke (you were raped--God forbid--and the joke is about rape), if you were honest about why the subject was hard for you, I could empathize and throw some love your way.

But just to say something is offensive? Like I said I dont know if theyre trolling or sincere, but it's just pathetic to me.

Reminds me of this quote:


Even Bill Hicks, a shocking, provocative yet compassionate stand up comedian, was on Howard Stern saying that he's offended by a lot of stuff, but he, along with the majority of normal human beings, realize that they can change the channel, and maybe it isn't for them. It's that minority of 5%ers that write letters and complain, and expect the world to cowtow to them.

Sorry for the rant. But, I figured if people feel the need to complain and cry about stuff they find offensive, and ruin the vibe for the rest of us having a good time, sharing jokes, I should at least let it be known they're a nusance and find some like minded people who know what humor is all about.

Having said that, Ill leave you with [Arj Barker's favorite "joke" Joke.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIjoq5jC0So)

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