daddy longlegs

One day, little Suzy was being babysat at her grandparents'
house. Her grandfather was going to clean out the shed, and she
went to see what he was doing.

She noticed two spiders in the corner, with one on top of the
other one, and said, "Grandpa, what is that spider on top?"

The grandpa looks at the spiders, and says, "Well, that's a
daddy longlegs." and continues with cleaning out the shed. A few
minutes pass, and the little girl is still curious about the
spiders. She says, "Is the one on bottom the Mommy longlegs?"

The grandpa says, "No, that's a daddy longlegs too, Sweetie,"

Then, the little girl walks over, stomps on and kills the
spiders and says "We're not gonna have any of that shit around

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