The Top 14 God Billboards We'd Like to See (Part I)

14> You've been coveting again, haven't you?

13> Sure, *you're* going straight to hell, but there's still hope for your kids.

12> Give me your money or I call your dog home.

11> Pray! You! Get onto my cloud!

10> Go back home now! Your wife's naked and Javier just pulled into the driveway.

9> Criminy, I invented the orgasm! What else do ya want?!?

8> No, I wasn't on your team's side, you wife-beating cokehead.

7> Wanna see a miracle? Pull my finger!

6> You realize that your dead grandma watches every time you pleasure yourself, don't you?

5> Yo, dudes, J.Lo is a false idol.

4> An honor student, eh? Well *my* son rose from the dead, Chester.

3> Can you hear me NOW? Good!

2> That Madonna-kissing-Britney thing? My idea.

1> If I'm your co-pilot, maybe you could go back and help with the meals for the rest of this flight.

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[ Copyright 2003 by Chris White ]

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