A guy comes to a doctor and says:
- Doc, I loooove smoking
- Ok, tell me your problem
- Man, I just looove to smoke, I dig it really hard maan. I like to smoke everywhere and any time. I like to smoke in the morning, when i brush my teeth, when i eat, when i watch tv, i just like to smoke, man!! I like to smoke when i read and when i drive. when i go on a date and when i get a shower. i loooove to smoke.
- do you have something specific?
- yes. i loooooove to fuck. i love fucking on the floor and in the shower. i like to fuck in the ass or the pussy. i just loooove to fuck. i fuck men and women, like fucking them with my hands my head, with my legs and fingers,. But not with my mouth.
- and why is that? asks the doctor
- because i looooove to smoke maaaaaaan, i told you that, don't you listen?

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