Jesus, Moses, and an old man were playing golf one day.

Jesus stepped up to the tee, swung, but caught a real bad slice and the ball caught hard left straight into the pond.

"No problem!" he said, and then made the ball rise so he could walk out on the pond, and chip it right onto the green.

"Not bad, young fella!" Said Moses. But he suffered the same fate dropping the ball into the pond.

Stepping to the edge, he parted the water, stepped in and chipped it onto the green.

Finally the old man steps up. not quite certain on how the game was played, tees off.

The ball also caught hard to the left, and straight to the pond.

Before the ball hit, a fish dove out and ate it, but before entering the water again, a bird swoops down and eats the fish.

Flying over the green, the bird coughs up the fish, when the fish hit the green, the ball popped out, onto the green and rolled right into the cup!

"Hooray!!! A hole in one!!!" Cried the old man.

Then Jesus steps up and says, "Dad! stop messing around, and play golf!"

Submitted by Curtis
Edited by Calamjo

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