An American man is on a golf tour in Japan

The night before his first match he decides to wonder through the city and do some site seeing. Unexpectedly, he comes across a brothel. The man tries to reason with himself but talks himself into going in anyway. He walks to the counter and tells the woman at the front desk that he wants one woman for the next hour. So, she takes him by the hand and leads him down a long hallway to a room. He steps in and she closes the door behind him. There's a young Japanese woman laying on the bed with her legs spread playing with herself. Without wasting anytime at all the man strips off all of his clothes and jumps on top of the young woman and gets straight to business.

A few minutes go by and the woman has not said one word when out of nowhere she squeezes the pillow under her head with all of her might and starts screaming at the top of her lungs "YASHIKI! YASHIKI! YASHIKI!" Not knowing a word of Japanese, the man assumes that she must be enjoying herself.

After the hour is up he zips his pants, pays the woman her money and moves on back to his hotel.

The golf match the next morning has begun. The man has finished the front nine holes and he is not doing well. He is starting to doubt whether he will swing under par. So at the very next hole the man concentrates very hard. Harder than he has ever before. He brings his club back and slams the ball, driving it over 200 yards. Incredibly enough the ball lands on the green and rolls right into the hole.

The man, not knowing how to express how excited he is, remembers what the woman at the brothel had said the night before. So he begins to yell "YASHIKI! YASHIKI! YASHIKI!"

The crowd gets silent, and the man begins noticing the confused looks he is receiving.

The man's caddy comes to the him and whispers to him "What you mean wrong hole?"

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