Four men are stranded on an island.

After wandering around the island the men discover it is inhabited by pirates and are taken hostage. The pirates put the men at gunpoint and say to them go into the jungle and come back with Five fruit or we will shoot you. So the men walk into the jungle and, ten minutes later the first man returns with five apples and the pirates say, Put them up your ass hole or we will shoot you. The first man manages just one apple and is shot. In heaven he watches as the second man returns with oranges they say put them in your ass or we will shoot you, the second man gets two oranges in his butt and can't continue and is shot they watch as the third man returns with grapes they say put them in your butt or we will shoot the man is already 4 grapes in and he begins to laugh as hard as he can, so hard tall the grapes fall out ,and the pirates shoot him. In heaven the other two men ask the third man what the hell?! You could have lived! the third man replies I saw the last man come out of the jungle with pineapples.

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