Little Johnny was in class one day

And his teacher was going through the alphabet. "Okay, kids, can you think of a word that starts with 'A'?" Little Johnny's hand shoots straight up "ASS!". The teacher says "Johnny, that word does start with A, but its a bad word, and you shouldn't say it. Ok, how about the letter 'B'?" again, Johnnys hand is the first in the air, "BITCH!" "No, Johnny! I'm not gonna call on you anymore." So the teacher goes through most of the alphabet, ignoring Johnny and calling on everyone else. She then gets to the letter 'R' and can't think of a word too terrible that starts with it, so she reluctantly calls on Johnny. "RAT!" "yes Johnny, very goo-" "A BIG FUCKIN RAT! WITH A 12" COCK!"

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