British Redneck Joke

Bubba Windsor and Earl Spencer had just finished a leisurely tour of The Fitzwilliam Museum at Grove Lane and a gourmet repast at Loch Fyne Restaurant Ltd. on Trumpington St. On this fine afternoon they were proceeding northwest toward King's Parade and their destination, St Catherine's College of Cambridge University in order to attend a lecture by Malcolm Longair, CBE FRS on astrophysical cosmology. As the two foppish gentlemen strolled they discussed Einstein's concern with the Lorentz transformation which left Maxwell's equations invariant. As they approached Little St Mary's Lane, they espied a British Bulldog, lolling about, giving his willy and bollocks a proper polishing. Bubba posited that he had a deep desire to do the same, saying "I dare say, I do wish I could perform such a maneuver" To which Earl Spencer responded "I'm quiet sure, if you asked nicely, he would let you"

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