A little story of a boy and his dog

Timmy's best friend was his dog. His dog was his only friend when his dad got a new job and they had to relocate. His dog was there to scare away the bullies when he was an awkward kid in school. Timmy's dog was even there as a shoulder to cry on when Timmy had his first broken heart. They grew from boy and pup to dog and man. They were as close as any man and beast have ever been.

One day, as Timmy was out on a walk down the road with his faithful companion, a car lost control and headed straight for the pair. Though it happened in an instant, the moment occurred in slow motion. Timmy's dog barked fiercely at the oncoming car as Timmy froze in fear. The instant before the vehicle impacted, his dog lunged and knocked his master from the 2.5 ton 3.5 liter moving mass of death.

Tears rolled down poor Timmy's face as he stared in disbelief. His faithful companion let out an innocent whimper as Timmy scooped his broken, canine body from the pavement.

The vet was 2 miles away and Timmy reached it and burst through the door and screamed for help. "My dog!" He cried like a man posessed. "A car . . .my dog. . . Help me!" They hurried him into the back room and laid his dog across the table to let the veterinarian perform his miracle.

The vet was solemn as he looked at the young man and said, "I'm sorry son, your dog is dead." Timmy stared in disbelief. He choked his responses, repeating, "No, no! I want more tests. I want a second opinion."

The vet shrugged his shoulders and left the room. He came back with an old tabby cat. He placed the cat on the end of the table and the tabby walked over Timmy's dog, pawing him every couple steps. Finally he looked at the veterinarian and let out an emphatic, " Mrrooowwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

The vet assistant had to hold Timmy back from his rage, "What the hell? Do some tests, you son of a bitch! Where's the second opinion?" The doctor shrugged and left the room again and a silence settled for a moment.

He came back with an old, blind Labrador. The Labrador sniffed Timmy's dog and barked at the lifeless body. Finally it hung it's head and whimpered. The doctor laid a gentle hand on Timmy's shoulder and said, "It's been confirmed son. This dog is dead."

The disbelief on Timmy's face was obvious. "What are you doing?" He screamed. "I suppose you expect me to pay you for this?"

"Yes," the vet said plainly, "this will be $2050." Timmy couldn't believe it. "Are you insane!?!" he screamed. "How did this cost $2050!?!" The veterinarian shrugged and said, "Well, my fee is $50. Then there's $2000 for the cat scan and lab test."

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