A farmer returning home

Through town, laden down with several purchases -- a duck, an anvil, a bucket, and two chickens -- encountered an old widow lady who asked him, "Sir, do you know how to get to 43 Cherry Tree Road?"

"I'm on my way to 42 Cherry Tree Road, so I'll show you the way, ma'am."

They continued on towards the edge of town until the farmer started to make a shortcut through a narrow alley. "Oh no!" the woman said, "I'm not going down that dark alley with you. You'll push me up against a wall and ravish me!"

The farmer said, "Lady, I'm carrying a bucket, an anvil, two chickens and a duck! How exactly am I supposed to ravage you?"

The old widow replied, "You put the bucket over the duck, put the anvil on top, and I'll hold a chicken under each arm."

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