Top 15 Rejected Christmas Movie Titles

15. "Miracle and a Quickie on 42nd Street -- A Times Square Christmas"

14. Spike Lee's "Get On the Sleigh"

13. Van Damme IS "Santa Claude"

12. Michael Jackson stars in "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"

11. "The Deep II -- A Chappaquiddick Holiday with Uncle Ted"

10. "There's No Santa Claus, Charlie Brown"

9. The spoiled brats ask for the moon and Santa delivers, in "Naked Buns II"

8. Mickey Rooney & Andy Rooney in "Grumpy Old Elves"

7. Ross Perot as the autistic elf in "Reindeer Man" ("Of course, I'd be an excellent President.")

6. "It's a Wonderful Life, My Ass -- Pass the Malt Liquor"

5. Steven Segal IS "MissleToe"

4. Jane Fonda, Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Shue in "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

3. He's got a red nose and an Uzi. And he's about to teach them some "new" reindeer games in "Rudolph II -- First Blood"

2. "Blazing Saddles 2 -- How the Stench Stole Christmas"

1. "No, YOU Open It!" -- 'A Ted Kaczynski Christmas'

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