Three Ducks

A man walks into a bar carrying three ducks under his arms. The
bartender has learned not to question people when they bring
animals into the bar. So the man sits down and starts to drink.
After a while the man gets up and walks to the bathroom. When
the man leaves the bartender looks at the ducks and starts to
talk to them.

"So what are your names?"

The first duck responds, "My name is Hewi."

So then the bartender goes, "And how was your day?"

The first ducks says, "Great! I was in and out of puddles all
day long."

So the bartender goes to the second duck and asks, "What's your

The second duck says, "My name is Dewi."

Again the bartender asks, "And how was your day?"

The duck responds, "Great! I was in and out of puddles all day."

So the bartender goes to the third duck and goes, "Your name
must be Loui then."

"No," replies the duck. "I'm Puddles and don't ask about my
fucking day."

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