The World's Greatest Cowboy

The World's Greatest Cowboy (wgc) was captured by some Indians,
who told him they would burn him at the stake at dawn. But
because he was the wgc, they would give him a last request. The
WGC said, let me talk to my horse.

So he whispers in the horse's ear, and the horse runs off, and
returns in an hour with a beautiful redhead. He takes her into a
teepee and makes love to her for a couple of hours. Finally she
staggers out, gets on the horse, and rides away. An hour later
the horse returns.

The Indian chief says "Now we know why you are called the WGC!
That was a good horse trick, and we are good horsemen ourselves.
We will give you another last request." So WGC asked to speak to
the horse again.

The horse runs off, and returns in an hour with a naked,
beautiful, to die for, knock you off your feet, blonde. WGC
takes her into the teepee, and after 3 hours, she staggers out,
and has to be helped onto the horse, which carries her away and
returns in an hour.

The chief says "The tribe is impressed, not only by your horse,
but by your stamina and ability! Now we are certain why you are
called the WGC, and are a great and honored enemy. We honor you,
but we must still kill you at dawn. But we will still give you
one more last request."

The WGC, walks up to the horse, grabs it by the head, and giving
it a shake, says, "Posse! I said go and get me a POSSE!"

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