The Top 20 Fish Dirty Movie Titles

20> Deep Trout

19> Free Your Willy

18> A Few Good Minnow

17> Debbie Does Dolphins

16> Blow Holes

15> Porca

14> The Devil Ray in Miss Jones

13> Ocean's Sixty-Nine

12> Beyond the Green Dorsal

11> Spawn Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Salmon

10> The Unboinkable Brown Molly

9> Charlie's Angelfish

8> Oh, Cod!

7> In the Heat of the Pike

6> 2 Bass 2 Curious

5> The Incredible, Viagra-Packin' Mr. Not-So-Limpet

4> Goldfishmember

3> Grinding Nemo

2> A Fish Balled Wanda

1> Bang the Chum Slowly

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[ Copyright 2003 by Chris White ]

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