Naming daughters

This is one of those jokes that is better told verbally (you'll see why later) but anyways:

A little girl goes up to her dad one day as asks, "Daddy, how'd you come up with my name?"

"Well," says the dad, "me and your mom were driving home from the hospital, you were tuckered in the back seat. It was a gorgeous spring day so we had the windows down and we were both debating what to name you. Lo and behold, a daisy caught in the wind flew in through the car window and landed right on your head. We thought it was too good of a coincidence and we had to name you Daisy."

"Aw that's sweet," says the little girl, now satisfied. "Thanks, daddy!"

Then the 2nd daughter, hearing this, does what most little kids do and comes up to ask the same thing. "Well how did you come up with MY name?"

"Well," he replied, "it's a surprisingly similar story. Me and your mom were driving home the very next spring after having you. Beautiful day, windows down, just like last time. Again we couldn't decide on what to name you when, by chance, a small lily flower that was caught in the wind went right through the window, just as before, and landed right on you, darling. So we decided to name you Lily."

Satisfied, the 2nd daughter smiles, thanks her dad, and walks away. Finally the 3rd daughter comes up, and asks, "Heey, dahd! Howcha' cum up wif mah name?"

Annoyed, he quickly responds, "Shutup, Brick."

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