Local joke that i absolutely love [ Malaysia ]

The president of United State, Bin Laden and President of Malaysia are all on a plane getting back from a meeting overseas.

All of a sudden, the plane malfunctions and it crashes onto an island, miraculously, only the 3 of them survived and the whole crew died.

Soon, the 3 of them were caught by the island's head hunter tribes, where they are sent to meet the king.

The king said " I'm in a good mood today, i'll let you all live, if you all were to find 10 of the same fruits and bring it back here."

So 3 of them went off, to search for fruits, first to come back is the president of US, he brought 10 apples and he presented it to the king.

The king then replied "Now, we will stuff these 10 apples up your anus, if you were to make the slightest sound, we will chop off your head."

So the tribe people proceed to stuff the apples up his anus, the first apple, no sound, second apple, he were clenching his fist, third apple and he gave out a small "ouch", and his head were chopped.

President of Malaysia was watching the whole process while hiding in a bush, and he saw the whole idea of what the king wanted, so he went to search for 10 small grapes.

The king told him the same thing, and he was also prepared for it, so the tribe people started stuffing the grapes up his anus, and yet he made no sound up until the 9th grape, he burst into laughter.

Confused, the king asked him before chopping his head off "Why won't you wait until we're done with the 10th grape?"

In which he replied, "I saw Bin Laden coming back with 10 durians!"

pic of a durian > http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UIKcvj5dIVE/UIagsG40n6I/AAAAAAAACNo/Jj-NvlbkiBo/s320/durian.JPG

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