little Johnny and Flingfly

Little Johnny was only 9 years old and was walking to school one day when a teenager drives by and yells out the window "FLINGFLY"..
Johnny is very confused so he continues to school and during class asks the teacher what "Flingfly" means..
The teacher gets VERY upset and tells Johnny to get down to the principle's office immediately..
Johnny crying goes down to the principle's office and when the principle comes to get him he is very considerate and asks why he was there? .. I asked what "flingfly" meant Johnny exclaimed.
The principle jumps up and yells "you are expelled get out of here and go home you are not welcome here anymore"
little Johnny goes home crying .. and when his mother asks what he was doing home and why he was crying Johnny said he was expelled and when asked why he was expelled he explained he only wanted to know what "Flingfly" meant ..
Johnny's mother gets really anger at the word and tells her son to go upstairs and wait till his father gets home ..
Johnny cry's most of the day in his room till finally his father gets home and he hears his mother say "You have to talk to YOUR SON" ..
So johnny's father comes upstairs and sees his son all in tears and asks what he did and Johnny said with hesitation he just wanted to know what a word meant .. His father said what was the word .. "Flingfly"
"That is it you are no son of mine get out of this house and never come back" his father yelled
So Johnny takes his little red wagon and is crying as he walks down the street and not paying attention as he crosses the street and get run over by a car and dies..

The moral of the story is "Look both ways before crossing the street"

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