I Forget the Name

Two elderly men are conversing and drinking wine while their wives prepare dinner in the kitchen. As the discussion begins to dwindle, Tom and Norman decide to delve into their limited pop culture knowledge.

"Well now, Tom," says Norman, "me and Carolyn tuned into one of those nightly talk shows the other day. Boy, was it a hoot!
But I can't seem to remember for the life of me what it was called."

'Here, describe it to me. Lets see if I can help," offers Tom.

"Well, he was a big ol' middle aged man," Norman starts, "and he had a whole lotta' cars. Ah! I got it now! His name was.. well, shoot. What was his name? It was a bird of some sort."

"A bird? Like a robin?"

"No no, a blue bird. What are those small blue birds, Tom?"

"A bluejay?" suggests Tom.

"Yeah! Jay was his name. Jay Leno. Y'all should try him out sometime."

"Well, you know what Norm. We went and saw ourselves a movie the other night, but darned if I've already forgot the name."

"Come now, Tom, why don't you run it past me? Maybe I'll do some good."

"Yeah, sure," says Tom. "Well... shit, let me see... Okay. What's the name of that flower, a common flower."

"A dandelion?" suggests Norman.

"No no. No it's a red one."

"You mean a tulip?"

"Naw come now, Norm. It's red and gots thorns all over it."

"That'd be a rose, then."

"A rose! Yeah, that's what it was, a rose!" exclaims Tom.

He turns over his shoulder and cries "HEY ROSE, WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THAT MOVIE WE SAW THE OTHER NIGHT??"

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