A preacher has a dog ...

A preacher has a dog and unfortunately the dog died. He went through his grieving period and decided he wanted a new pet so he went to the pet store. He looked around but they really didn't have anything that he really wanted other than a beautiful parrot. He also noticed that the parrot and its cage was SUPER cheap. He Asked the pet store owner why it was so cheap and the owner stated the parrot had a "slight" cussing problem.

The preacher said that he would help the bird find god and be cured of his cussing problem and the pet store owner sold him to the preacher and said if it doesn't work just bring him back and we will think of something.

All week long the bird was just fine and the preacher never heard a cuss word one. He took him to church on Sunday Morning and a few minutes into his sermon the bird cracked up saying "DAMN its hot in here" this happened a couple more times during the sermon and the pastor decided to talk to the bird when he was done.

He warned the bird and everything seemed fine but the next sunday the exact same thing happened. This continued for a month or so with the bird doing the exact same thing. Finally in a fit of rage he took him back to the pet store and talked with the owner.

The owner suggested next time it happened SPIN the bottom of the birds cage as hard as he could and it might scare the bird into stopping. Armed with this suggestion the preacher felt ready.

the following sunday the preacher got up and a few minutes into his sermon the bird said DAMN its hot in here ... preacher thought no better time than now and reached down and SPUN the cage hard, after the cage stopped spinning the bird dizzy as ever said "WEEEEEEE feel that fucking breeze"

moral of the story ... it can always get worse!

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