Bus of nuns goes over a cliff..

They all end up at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter is there and gathers them all up for the usual speech.

"Considering your life-long devotion to the Lord, we're able to make exceptions for your minor indiscretions. You'll all tell me what you did and go from there."

The first nun steps up, she's got a nervous look on her face and she goes "I may have looked upon a penis. A long time ago."

St. Peter nods and goes "Just dip your pinkie in the holy water over there and go on in."

Second nun wanders up and she's looking more nervous. "I may have...touched...a penis once. Or twice."

St Peter looks a little more solemn and goes "Go wash your hands in the holy water over there and go on in."

Suddenly there's a commotion in the back as one nun begins pushing her way to the front.

"Sister, what's the problem?" goes St. Peter.

The nun, completely flustered, goes "If I'm going to have to gargle that stuff, I would just as soon do it before Sister Margaret puts her ass in it."

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