Brown Balls

A man injures himself on the job and goes to see the doctor about it. He ends up being out of work and incapacitated for 6 months.

His wife ends up getting another job to help support and she also has the 4 children to take care of. Needless to say this is a very busy woman.

The man gets better, gets back to work and wouldn't you know it, he re-injures himself. He goes to see the doctor about it and the doctor says "Yup, that'll be another 6 months, and by the way, you have brown balls"

6 months pass of the same thing. The man goes back to work and injures himself again! He goes to see the doctor, and the doctor says "Once again, you'll have to take 6 months off. And by the way, you have brown balls."

At this point, his wife who has been working two jobs is absolutely frustrated with him. She says "I've been working like a dog trying to bring money in and take care of the kids and all you can do is lie around injured. I don't even have time to wipe my own ass!"

The husband says "Yeah we have to talk about that too"

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