Billy had sex with his teacher.

9 year old Billy came home from school one day overwhelmed with guilt. He approached his mother and confessed that he had sex with his teacher that day. His mother, furious, told him to go to his room and wait for his father to come home.

Billy waited, and a few hours later he heard his father walking up the stairs. His heart filled with with fear as he heard each lumbering footstep coming up the stairs. His father entered the room.

He asked Billy if what he told his mother was true. "Yes", Billy replied. Expecting a severe punishment, Billy was surprised to find his father overcome with joy. His father was so proud that he told Billy he was going to buy him the bicycle he has always wanted, as long as they kept it a secret from his mother.

Later on that night, Billy and his dad drove to the bicycle shop. Billy ran straight to the bike he wanted and his dad bought it. They took the bike outside and his father asked him if he wanted to put the bike in the car or ride it home instead. "You better put it in the car dad, my butt still hurts from the sex".

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