(Apples ) oldie but goodie!

Jim was driving through the country when he saw a sign reading, "Apples $5 each."
"That's a lot of money for one apple!" he thought, so he stopped to see what's up.
Jim asked the farmer, "Why are your apples so expensive?"
The farmer replied, "Because they are special peanut butter and jelly apples. Here, try one."
Jim took a bite and said, "Yep, that tastes like peanut butter, all right. But I can't taste any jelly."
The farmer said, "Turn it around."
Jim did, gave it a chomp and, sure enough, jelly! "These are great; give me a dozen!"
The farmer said, "If you like those, how about a ham and cheese apple? Here, try this," handing Jim an apple from behind the counter.
Jim bit into it, and said, "Son of a gun. Ham!" He turned it around and took another bite. "Yep. Cheese. You better give me a dozen of these, too."
As the farmer gave him the bag of apples, he said, "You know, I've got some really special apples under the counter, but they're fifty bucks a piece."
"Fifty bucks?!" exclaimed Jim. "What are they?"
"These are pussy apples," said the farmer. "Here. Try one."
Jim took a bite and spat it out, saying, "Ugh! This apple tastes like shit!"
The farmer said, "Turn it around!"

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