Amazing Facts 29

# 16 Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a fifty thousand-word novel, "Gadsby," without any word containing the letter "e."
# 17 In a year, the average person walks four miles to make his or her bed.
# 18 In the first century, people used to drink goats milk to sweeten their breath.
# 19 In many of the milk ads that are shown, a mix of thinner and white paint is used instead of milk.
# 20 It is possible to get high by licking a toad. The Cane Toad produces a toxin called bufotenine to ward off predators. It acts as a hallucinogen.
# 21 In Las Vegas, casinos do not have any clocks.
# 22 There is a restaurant in Stockholm that only offers all-garlic products. They even have a garlic cheesecake.
# 23 Following directions off the Internet and chemicals obtained from a mail order company, a team of U.S. scientists created an identical copy of the polio virus.
# 24 The world's tallest free fall roller coaster is The Giant Drop located in Australia. The drops is 120 meters which is equivalent to a 39 storey building.
# 25 In Hong Kong, delivery times are primarily influenced by traffic conditions on elevators. It often takes drivers longer to travel vertically than horizontally, as access to elevators is so congested during "high peak" hours. This is due to the volume of people residing in high rises.
# 26 In Johannesburg, the average car will be involved in an accident once every four years.
# 27 The first Olympic games only had one event - a foot race.
# 28 The term "The Big Apple" was coined by touring jazz musicians of the 1930s who used the slang expression "apple" for any town or city. Therefore, to play New York City is to play the big time - The Big Apple.
# 29 The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for the "General Purpose" vehicle, G.P.
# 30 Coca-Cola was originally green.

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