A woman takes her parrot to the vet.

The vet takes one look at the motionless bird and accurately informs the woman that it has died, and that there will be no charge for her appointment.
The woman is indignant. "You didn't even examine him! Aren't there tests you're supposed to run or something?"
The vet replies, "I'm sorry ma'am, but your parrot is dead."
But, the woman persists. After some futile arguing, the vet heads to the back room and comes back with a feline and a canine.
The canine walks over to the parrot, sniffs it paws at it a bit, looks back to the vet, and goes back to sitting at the doctor's side.
The feline goes over, looks over the bird, turns it over with a paw, smelling the corpse thoroughly. Disappointed that it is not going to put up a fight, the feline slinks away to take a nap instead.
"Like I said, ma'am, it's dead. That will be $400."
"WHAT?! You said there would be no charge!"
"There wasn't going to be, but that was before you demanded a lab report and a cat scan!"

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