What's Your Name?

A teacher came into a class and told the students, "Class we have a new student..........go on tell us your name".

The boy replied "I'm-a-bad-boy-from-tennesse-I'll-kick-your-ass-from-tree-to-tree".

The teacher said, "What!!!!".

The boy repeated "I'm-a-bad-boy-from-tennesse-I'll-kick-your-ass-from-tree-to-tree".

The teacher said, "Go to the principal's office".

When he got there, the principal said, "Whats your name son?"

"I'm-a-bad-boy-from-tennesse-I'll-kick-ur-ass-from-tree-to-tree," the boy answered.

The principal said "What!!!!".

The boy repeated "I'm-a-bad-boy-from-tennesse-I'll-kick-your-ass-from-tree-to-tree".

"Go home and stay there for 5 days," the principal said.

While he was going home, a policeman stopped him and said, "Shouldn't you be at school?".

"They told me to go home" the boy replied.

"Just tell me your name," the police man said.

"I'm-a-bad-boy-from-tennesse-I'll-kick-your-ass-from-tree-to-tree" the boy said.

The police man pulled a gun and shot the boy. The boy went to hell and met the devil.

The devil said, "Whats your name son?"

"I'm-a-bad-boy-from-tennesse-I'll-kick-your-ass-from-tree-to-tree," the boy answered.

The devil said "Oh, well i'm-the-devil-from-down-below-i'll-burn-your-ass-from-head-to-toe."

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