Top Ten Signs the President is Angry

10.Latest radio address to the nation ended with the phrase "You can all bite me"

9.Giving people on the White House tour the finger

8.Punched the side of Al Gore's head so hard he broke his hand

7.Threw half-eaten Big Mac from South Portico, beaning a Marine Band clarinetist

6.At recent Rose Garden ceremony, has Secret Service rough up some Spelling Bee champions

5.Blurted out to Roger, "Isn't it time you got, like, a job?"

4.When pizza was late, beat delivery boy senseless with a Yoo-Hoo bottle

3.Feverishly adds names to long list of guys he's going to slug the minute he becomes a private citizen

2.Actually talked back to Hillary

1.Every five minutes, he's threatening to bomb Mexico

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