The Top 20 Items on Janet Jackson's To-Do List

20> Ask doctor about that funky growth on my right nipple. 19> Volunteer to atone by singing the national anthem at the World Series. 18> Have Saturday night's quickie Vegas marriage to Britney annulled. 17> Buy something nice for Ms. Lefty so she won't feel ignored. 16> Trim pubes for the Grammys. 15> Cancel that DNA test -- I'm *definitely* a Jackson. 14> Try a new approach for charming my way into a White House photo-op. 13> Apologize to Paris Hilton for stealing her Web traffic. 12> Have cotter pin installed in nipple to keep jewelry from falling off. 11> Teach Dennis Kucinich how to get some much-needed national attention ASAP. 10> Suggest to Michael's lawyers that they try using the term libido malfunction in court. 9> Monday, 9 a.m. -- mandatory meeting in Ashcroft's office. 8> Lend Super Bowl outfit to Martha Stewart for upcoming attempt at a mistrial. 7> Blame the CIA, then appoint an independent commission to look into the matter and report back to me after the election. 6> Sue the pants off of Justin Timberlake -- preferably on MTV during sweeps week. 5> Rip open the other window and dangle both babies. 4> Stage an open-mouthed kiss with Michael on the Grammys to revive our careers. 3> Book a flight to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. At least *there* you get beads. 2> Prepare wardrobe malfunction for tonight's date with Ashton Kutcher. 1> Kick that idiot Timberlake's ass; try to get Free Michael! tattoo removed from left breast. [ The Top 5 List ] [ Copyright 2004 by Chris White ]

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