The Top 17 Headlines in Animal Newspapers (Part II)

17> American Kennel Club Approves "Freedom Poodle" Name Change

16> Father of 12 Charged With Eating Children

15> Local Dingo Breaks World Record in Baby-Eating Competition

14> Teens Most Likely to Become Roadkill; Elderly Close Second

13> Fluffy Accused of "Going Outside the Box"

12> Tiger Dominates Masters, Arrested at Dinner

11> President Claims: "I Did Not Have Sex With That Leg"

10> Elephants Denied Vote in Democratic Primary

9> MASTER RETURNS! Abandoned Rover Excited, Hungry

8> Roy Attacker: "Evil Dictator Had to Go"

7> Authorities Question Siamese Immigrant as Koi-Pond Murder Spree Enters Third Week

6> Farmer Jones to Mooove

5> Hundreds Injured in Slugville Salt Factory Explosion

4> Countless Canines Defrauded in Fake Ball-Throw Scam

3> REX BAD! (Page 14)

2> Siamese Cats Separated

1> Chinese Soccer Team Scandal: Shih Tzu Hits Fan

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[ Copyright 2004 by Chris White ]

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