The kindergarten teacher would never call on little Timmy in class...

One day the teacher said, " I'm going to say a letter of the alphabet, and you raise you hand and tell me a word that starts with that letter." The class looked very excited, but not as much as little Timmy. "A", said the teacher. Little Timmy jumped out of his chair waving his hand in the air. The teacher didn't call on little Timmy, because she knew there was a curse word that started with "A", and little Timmy was bound to say it. "B". Again, the teacher didn't call on little Timmy, surely he was just wanting to curse aloud. The teacher made her way through the alphabet until she got to the letter "R". Little Timmy was jumping around in the back of the class with his hand raised. The teacher thought to herself, "I don't think there is a curse word that begins with R". "Timmy, do you know a word that begins with R", said the teacher. "Rats!", said little Timmy. "That is absolutely correct", said the teacher breathing a sigh of relief. "Rats with big-ass dicks", said Timmy.

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