The cat.

This is the story of a normal married couple with a cat.

The husband was getting sick of having this lazy cat around. All the cat did was scratch up their awesome furniture, cough up hairballs, sit on his face, you know... normal cat shit

So one day the husband says 'screw this im getting rid of this little shit.' He grabs cat and puts it in his car and drives off, drops him off at a park 5 minutes away.

When he gets home the cat is sitting there, on his favorite recliner with a smug look. 'wtf? how the fuc...' So now the husband is pissed. He takes the cat and back to the car they go. This time, he drives an extra 10 minutes in hopes the cat would not remember how to get home.

While driving home the husband thinks 'nice, finally got rid of this little bastard.' To his dismay, when he arrives at home... there it is.... cat on his recliner with a smug look. 'MOTHERFUC***'

Angry and frustrated the husband makes one last ditch effort to get rid of cat. He hops in his car with car and drives left, he makes a right, he hangs another left, and another right' 30 minutes into his random drive he drops cat off.

'good luck u little shit hehe.' As the husband makes his way home he starts to get weary and confused. 'where the heck am i?' He was LOST. He had no idea where he was.

So he calls his wife (his phone has no data, he went over his limit and cant access gps) and asks 'honey is the cat there?'

"yeah babe cat is here why?'

"put him on the phone please im fking lost and need to get home."

--dumb joke i know but i like it-- :D

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