Sven goes to the doctor

Sven's in his late 40's and hasn't been feeling like himself for a few months, kind of tired and rundown. His wife Olga, (of course) nags him to go to the doctor for the first time in years, so Sven goes.

The doctor gives him a physical and tells Sven he's a fine physical specimen with nothing apparently wrong. So the doctor starts to question him...

"So, Sven, are you sleeping well?"

"Yah, yah, sleep 8 - 9 hour ever' night. Sleep like a baby".

"Well, Sven, how's your diet?"

"Oh, dat Olga one fine cook, I eat like a horse -- real balanced meals, yah, and take de vitamins too".

"Well, how's work? Stressful?"

"Oh, noooo! Love that place! Want to work there forever!"

So, the doctor is coming up with nothing and finally asks Sven,
"So, how's your sex life? Pretty normal or are you too tired to get busy with Olga?"

"Oh, doctor, it's perfectly normal. We get up in the morning -- have de sex 2 -- maybe 3 time - just like ever'body, then I go to work. Run home at lunch for Olga's good cookin' and we have de sex 1 - maybe 2 time -- before I go back to work. Then in the evenings, we have dinner, maybe watch a little TV and then -- just like everybody else, have de sex 6 - 7 - maybe 8 time and go to sleep. Just like normal -- you know, like everybody does"

The doctor is astonished and then finally says,

"Well, Sven, I've got to tell you, I'm pretty sure it's all the sex with Olga that's wearing you down. You two probably need to cut back significantly"

To which Sven says, "Oh, no Doctor! It must be all de yakkin' off in between!"

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