Miltary Humor

An Army General, a Marine General and a Navy Admiral were all enjoying a round of brew when they decided to have a contest.

"Let's see which service has the most balls," one of them said, and the rest agreed.

So the Army General took them to his base, went out to the Rifle Range and, finding a soldier, ordered him, "Son, run out there in the middle of all that weapons fire and fetch me a white rock."

The soldier complied.

The General turned to his friends and stated, "Now, that's balls."

The Marine General took them to just outside his base, found a young Fire Eater and told him, "Marine, see that Biker Bar across the street? Go in there and tell them they're all a bunch of a-hole, un-American sissies who couldn't fight their way out of a whore house."

The Marine complied, got his ass kicked, and came back out.

"That's balls," said the General.

The Admiral smirked a bit and took them to the Naval Base. Stopping at a pier, he got out, grabbed a bullhorn and shouted to a young Seaman who was painting the mast, 50 feet above the deck. "Hey Sailor, I want you to swan dive your sorry ass off that mast down here to me....that's an order."

The seaman looked down at the Admiral and yelled back, "Fuck you, sir."

The Admiral smiled at his friends and said, "Gentlemen, game, set, match."

Submitted by Yisman
Edited by Curtis

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