John date with Maggie for a while, so she decides to invite him for dinner on Sunday.

Johnny agreed, but it was a minor detail. He came from a poor family and did not know too much what to wear. After a moment's thought, he remembered that he had in the shed old motorbike, so when combined with old jeans and a leather jacket will be legit.So he went to the shed, encompassed the whole of hay where the vehicle was covered and froze. Motorbike was all rusty. At this Johnny came up with a brilliant idea.
- Grease it with Vaseline.
So he did and motorbike shone like after polishing. On Sundays he went to Maggie, where she was waiting for him in front of the entrance and says:
- Just remember Johnny! After eating dinner you must not speak. Who resumes for the first washes all dishes, this is in our tradition.
- Okay, let it be. Unless their are fuckd up that I'll be guest and wash the dishes.
So they went home, sat down at the table, ate dinner and silent.
The father thinks.
-I worked the whole night, and now they think i will be wash the dishes? Never in my life, I sit quietly!
Mother thought.
- Well, I cooked whole Dinner and it took me all day, and now I would need to wash dishes ? No way I will sit quietly.
Maggie thinks.
-I pray that Johnny would not say anything.
Johnny thought.
- For fuck sake I came in guests and I will not wash the dishes.
An hour passed and still no one spoke.
Johnny got mad and Take Maggie on the table and fuck.
The father thinks.
- And what, I don't give a fuck. Im sure that Johnny fucks her every day. I will not touch these dishes.
Mother thought.
- I don't give a a shit. When i think how this pan is dirty it makes me ill. I sit quietly.
Two hours pass.
Johnny was angry as fuck so he took Maggie mother, put her on the table and fuck.
Father thoughts.
-Fuck that he piss me off but I got it in the ass. I worked all night and now I will not be wash this fucking dishes.
Maggie thought.
- Please Johnny do not say anything.
Takes over three hours and still silence.
But It began to rain, Johnny run to the window, watching, and he saw that all vaseline washed away from his motorbike and it will be again all rusty. He thinks:
- No shit, I need to talk.
- Excuse me, do you have some vaseline ?
It frightened father, and he said.
- Okay, okay chill I will wash this fucking dishes.

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