A man goes to the doctor to inquire about male enhancement.

"Doc," said he, "I'm tiny. I can't satisfy my wife, and I'm ridiculed in changing rooms. I've tried every drug and herbal supplement, to no avail. I want to look into surgery."

"Well," said the doctor, peering at the man's twig-like member through a magnifying glass, "You're in luck. there's a new experimental procedure we're offering to a lucky few. It involves grafting the muscles from an elephant's trunk onto the shaft of your penis. This will not only increase the size, but it will also give an added boost to your ol' fella's strength and dexterity."

"That's fantastic!" exclaimed the man, "I'll do it!"

A few weeks after the procedure, the man returned home from the hospital. As he and his family sat down to dinner, his wife and kids asked him how it went. Before the man could answer, his enormous penis sprang from his trousers, reached across the table, grasped a dinner roll and retracted itself from view.

Aghast, but delighted, his wife exclaimed, "MY GAWD! That's the most incredible thing I've ever seen! Can you make it do that again?!"

The man replied, with a uncomfortable expression on his face,

"Probably, but I don't think I can fit another bun up my ass."

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