"If there are 10 birds on a telephone wire and you shoot one, how many are left?"

Little Johnny excitedly raises his hand and the teacher picks on him.

"There would be none left because if you shoot one then the rest fly away!"

Ms. Teacher responds, "No Johnny, the correct answer is nine birds left, *but I like the way you think!*"

Little Johnny retorts with, "Can I ask you a question Teacher?"

"Well of course you can."

"Okay. There are three women sitting on a park bench each with a lollypop; One is sucking, one is licking, and the other woman is biting. Which woman is married?"

"Oh my," Teacher says, blushing, "I suppose the one who is sucking."

Little Johnny says, "Nope, the one with the wedding band on her finger, *but I like they way you think!*"

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