Guy goes hiking the German alps. Passes a small village while it's getting dark. [nsfw]

Decides to look for a room and continue in the morning. Checks in a small guest house. It's night, he cant sleep, no radio, no tv ... what to do?
Goes and asks the host: "You wouldn't happen to have hookers in your village would you?"
Host says: "No hookers. Only Fritz."
"Fritz eh? Well ..." says the guy: " ... sure, who would ever know. How much does Fritz want?"
"400 Mark." Host says.
"400? That's a lot." says the guest.
Host explains: "Well, from those 400 I take a 100, cause it's my house and I dont really like it happening."
"Oh! So Fritz does it for 300?"
"No ... not really, no. From the 300 our mayor gets 100. Cause it's his village and he doesnt really like it happening."
"Oh poor Fritz. Only gets 200 then."
"Well ..." says the host "... not really, no. From the 200 Hans and G√ľnther take 100 each for holding Fritz. Cause it's his ass, and he really doesn't like it happening!"

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