One late evening while the family was at church, a man was breaking into
their home, he went into the bedroom stealing everything he could get his
hands on. As soon as he entered the living room he heard a voice "God is
going to get you!" "God is going to get you!" He pulled out his flashlight
and shined it on this big bird. Well the man did not pay any mind to the
bird and kept on loading up his bag.

He was loading that bag from left to right. Again he heard that voice "God
is going to get you!" "God is going to get you!" He walked over to the
cage and told the bird to shut up! As soon as he put his hand on the door
knob of the backdoor he heard a different noise. It was not the bird but a
growing sort of noise, He shined the flashlight up and saw this GREAT BIG
DOG! And the bird yelled "GET HIM GOD!"

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