Gay guy walks into a bar....

Obviously it's a pretty rough bar, there are some pretty rough looking characters inside. The bartender sees the man and says "hey, we don't serve your kind in here!" The man says " I promise to be no bother, I just want a beer and I will be on my way."

He gets a beer at the bar and finds a spot in the back of the bar at a table. Everyone staring at him all the way to the table.

some time passes and everyone forgets he is back there just as a tall muscular man comes in the door with an alligator in tow on a leash. Naturally people are puzzled, WTF, right? He walks up to the bar and orders a beer. All eyes on him. Someone finally asks "dude, what's with the alligator?"
"Oh this?" He quips " just my pet alligator. He does some tricks. Want to see?"

"I guess." Someone says

this man lifts up the alligator onto a table and stands in front of his mouth. I one swoop he pulls out his junk and sticks it in the alligators mouth. The alligator clamps down. Everyone gasps.

After a couple of seconds the man hits the alligator with his beer bottle very hard right on the top of the head. The alligator opens his mouth and the dude puts his junk away unscathed.

the man looks around the room "any of you man enough to try that?"

The gay guy stands up "I will!"

"as long you don't hit me so hard with that bottle"

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