Einstein was seated next to a blonde woman in a bus

Einstein said "Hey, let's play a game. I'll ask you a question and if you can't answer it, I'll give you $1. After that, it's your turn to ask a question, and if I can't answer it, I'll give you $100"

The blonde agreed so Einstein asked "What does c stand for in E=mc^2?"

The blonde didn't know the answer so she gave Einstein $1, she then asked "What has 10 legs, can fly, can swim but isn't alive?"

Einstein was shocked for it was the first time he didn't know the answer to a question, he accepted defeat and gave the blonde $100

The blonde was about to leave the bus but Einstein stopped her and said "Wait, I have to know, what is the answer to your question?"

The blonde smiled and said "I don't know either" as she gave Einstein $1

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