Easy Letter to Santa (fill in the gaps)

Dear Santa,

This year i've been an extremely ______ person. Infact I think
its safe to say that i've been much, much ______ than in
previous years.

Everything started off quite well; there was the incident with
the ______ but I don't like to think about that too much, and
anyway lots of people have been caught in the ____ doing _____
with _____, and they got away with it.

Oh yeah, then there was the time during winter when I forgot to
cover up my _____, which of course meant that my _____ caught a
very bad cold and nearly died.

After that I thought that things could only get _____, to my
surprise however they got steadily _____ and _____.

There was the time I took _____ home to meet my _____. At first
everything was great! but then of course my _____ couldn't hold
back and _____ all over _____'s face, it was perhaps the most
_____ moment of my life.

And getting that _____ stuck in my throat over dinner didn't
help either.

One of my _____est moments from this year was when, for the
first time in my life, I bought my very own _____. _____only
cost me _____ and went for hours and hours. Unfortunately I had
to take it back to the shop the next day because it was _____.
They refused to give me my money back too, the bastards, they
said it was because I should never have _____ed it in the first

Anyway Santa, apart from these minor occurences, I think that I
should be allowed some presents and my top three requests are

_____, _____, and most importantly _____ with lots of ______

I promise not to call you a _____ this year if you don't give me
what I want, even though you're as old as _____ and probably
twice as _____.

Merry Bloody Christmas,


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