Chap stick?

A cowboy walks into a saloon and orders a whiskey, which he then throws back in one quick gulp.

Immediately he rushes back outside, lifts his horse�s tail and gives it a huge smacking kiss square on the hole.

He then goes back into the bar and orders another whiskey.

The bartender slides it along the bar, and once again the cowboy downs it, rushes out of the bar, goes to his horse, lifts its tail and gives it a huge kiss.

By the time he goes back into the bar and orders his third shot, a number of other patrons are looking at him with a fair bit of interest.

The bartender decides he�d better ask what�s going on before the cowboy gets too drunk to answer.

"Say, partner, why is it that every time you order a whiskey you go out and kiss your horse on the ass?"

The cowboy, in his best drawl, replies, "Chapped lips."

The bartender says with some surprise, "Oh, does that cure them?"

The cowboy says, "Nope, but it sure stops me lickin' 'em."

Submitted by Curtis
Edited by Calamjo

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