Candy Bars Rejected by Hersheys

16. Kevorkian Krunch -- dying for some chocolate?

15. Spittles

14. The 100,000 Peso Bar

13. Hershey's Hickeys -- when Kisses just ain't enough...

12. Reese's Peanut Butter D-Cups

11. Buttafucofinger

10. Rocky Mountain Oyster Pops

9. Prunettes -- for the mature Raisinette lover

8. Malted Mothballs

7. Boutros-Boutros Bon-Bons

6. Pepsodent Patty

5. Phlegm & M's

4. Leper Bears -- melt in your mouth AND in your hands

3. Boogerfinger

2. That Ain't Nougat!

1. Zits Ahoy

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