A snail in in a bar...

A snail is in a bar grabbing a drink by himself. It's been a long week and he is tired and just wants a quiet moment before he goes home to his wife and kids.

In walks the fox. The fox sits next to the snail and begins to loudly complain about his bitch of an ex-wife. How she took the house and the kids (she could have them), half his money but she couldn't touch his baby- a supped up Camaro. He said that Camaro was about the fastest thing in the world.

The snail is getting pretty fed up and just wants some peace and quiet. He turns to the fox and says "I'll make you a bet. I challenge you to a race tomorrow at noon. If I win, You don't ever come back in here"

The fox asks what happens if he wins.

The snail replies that if the fox wins the snail will buy his beer for a year.

The fox immediately goes home and starts fine tuning the Camaro, putting on race wheels and triple checking the timing.

The snail stays at the bar drinking for another hour or so, goes home, plays with his kids for a bit, kisses his wife and right before bed he paints a big red S on the side of his old minivan.

Noon comes and the fox and the snail meet up on main street. Now the fox has a reputation for being a jerk and a loudmouth so a ton of town folks show up to root on the snail.

As both cars pull up to the line and the fox begins to rev his engine the town begins to chant in unison.

"Go S Car, Go!!!"

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