A priest is fishing at a local watering hole...

A priest is fishing a local watering hole one afternoon and catches an odd looking fish. The guy down the shore explains it’s called a Sonofabitch fish. The priest is not amused but the fisherman swears it is correct. When he gets back to the church rectory the priest gives the fish to the groundskeeper to clean and says “Here’s a Sonofabitch we can have for dinner!” “FATHER!” he gasps, and the priest explains that’s the real name of the fish. The groundskeeper later gives the fillets to the head nun and says “You can cook this Sonofabitch for dinner.” “MY DEAR SIR!” she exclaims, and the groundskeeper chuckles and agrees it’s an odd name but is truly correct.

That evening during dinner the pope himself stops in for a surprise visit and takes a seat at the table. “This is the most wonderful fish!” the pope exclaims. “I caught the Sonofabitch!” says the priest; “I cleaned the Sonofabitch!” barks the groundskeeper; “Yes, and I cooked the Sonofbitch!” announces the nun. Nodding, the pope looks around the table slyly and says “You know what? You fuckers are alright.”

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