A man went to a pet shop looking to buy a pet.

He asks the owner how much for each animal and he starts saying "50 for the dog, 80 for the parrot, 200 for the exotic parrot, 40 for the cat, 1000 for the frog..." when the man stops him and says "1000 for the frog? Why is it so expensive" The owner then whispers to him "This frog is really good at blowjobs". The man takes some time to think and decides to buy the frog.
Everyday his wife would see him take the frog and go to the bathroom and her curiosity was growing day by day. One day she decides to find out so she stands by the door and tries to listen what's happening. "Then you add some salt" she heard the man say. Her curiosity gets so big that see busts the door open and sees the man reading recipes to the frog. The man shouts at her "IF I TEACH IT HOW TO COOK YOU ARE GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF HERE"

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