A man moves to the middle east for a new job...

He notices that the town he is in has no women in it. So he asks a coworker what do people here do when they get horny. The coworker tells him, if that happens, there's a camel out back.

The guy finds that weird, but figures to each his own.

A week later, he's feeling pretty horny, and asks another coworker what do people do here. The other coworker tells him if that happens, just use the camel out back.

A couple of weeks later, the guy is unbearably horny, so desperately asks another coworker what do people do when this happens? The coworker tells him that's what the camel out back is for.

The guy is at the breaking point, and figures if everyone here is into it, it should be fine, so goes out back and fucks the camel. As he comes back in, the coworker asks him where'd he go? He says he just went out back to the camel to "take care of business"... The coworker says "No, you idiot! The camel is to take you to the neighbouring all-women town"

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